Thursday, October 1, 2009

New ARI bellows sealed Globe Valve from Pressure and Safety Systems

There are more than 5,000,000 ARI bellows sealed Globe Valves in service around the world and the company is planning to quickly increase that number by releasing their new FABA Longlife bellows sealed valve range.

Globe valves are required to both isolate fluids in pipe-work, as well as seal the process fluid within that same system. ARI FABA globe valves greatly exceed these requirements as well as significantly increa
sing process plant efficiency while reducing operational costs and providing improved environmental protection.

Designed and developed at ARI’s international headquarters in Germany, the new FABA Longlife globe valves take the company’s “maintenance free” concept to a higher level by focusing on the twin techn
ical requirements of “Zero energy loss and Zero pollution operation” while enhancing their already well known extreme valve operational longevity.

FABA Longlife valves are specifically designed for general industrial and process liquid and gas applications, including: steam and condensate; hot and cold water systems; compressed air and other gases including ammonia; hot oil systems; and process products including toxic and thermal fluids.

The new FABA Longlife valve boasts many new features such as a double wall bellows seal for guaranteed longer life; a fine thread spindle producing an even greater closing force that is 100% leak proof; two rings of emergency packing to protect against unforseen failure and to prevent unplanned shutdowns – since the valve will continue to operate until repairs can be scheduled.

Body materials include cast iron, SG iron and carbon steel in straight, inclined and angle patterns. Furthermore the valves can be manufactured as silicon free and has been approved by automobile manufacturers for use in paint shops.

The ARI FABA globe valves come in a size range from DN 15 to DN 400 and available to both DIN and ANSI standards with
flanged, socket or butt weld connections.