Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where now for CSG projects?

In recent published articles, much talk has surrounded around the Financial Investment Decision’s (FIDs) to be made by most of the big players in the CSG industry. Over the past three years, the hype and promises for big profits for the green energy solution has excited investors who have lifted the value of CSG players.

Up to five FIDs totalling more than $60 billion are to be made in the next 12 months, which will definitely shape the future of the industry in this country. A number of barriers are beginning to arise in regards to environmental concerns, but companies involved in CSG projects are confident that they can find a solution to the issues.

This time still remains an exciting time for Pressure and Safety Systems as a number of Safety Relief Valves supplied by Pressure and Safety Systems are specifically suited for CSG applications. This said Pressure and Safety Systems also supply a number of other Safety Relief Devices that can be air, gas and liquid relief applications.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to highlight and outline our safety relief device product range and what medium and application the safety relief devices can be used for.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Safety Relief Valve and Overpressure Protection Seminars

After a successful two week long trip of meetings and seminars around Australia with a number of large oil and gas players, Pressure and Safety Systems is looking forward to further CSG and LNG development news over the coming weeks, months and years.

Talking to over 50 engineers specialised in their fields during the two weeks, the overall sense and excitement for the future of Australia oil and gas industry is overwhelming.

Mercer and Pressure and Safety Systems teamed up in providing Safety Relief Valve and Overpressure Protection seminars for companies directly involved in the oil and gas industry. Topics included a number of safety concerns regarding Safety Relief Valves, different country manufacturer coding for example.

We had a great time and response from seminar attendees that we are looking to run more seminars in the future. We would be happy to receive any expression of interest regarding future seminars.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New ARI bellows sealed Globe Valve from Pressure and Safety Systems

There are more than 5,000,000 ARI bellows sealed Globe Valves in service around the world and the company is planning to quickly increase that number by releasing their new FABA Longlife bellows sealed valve range.

Globe valves are required to both isolate fluids in pipe-work, as well as seal the process fluid within that same system. ARI FABA globe valves greatly exceed these requirements as well as significantly increa
sing process plant efficiency while reducing operational costs and providing improved environmental protection.

Designed and developed at ARI’s international headquarters in Germany, the new FABA Longlife globe valves take the company’s “maintenance free” concept to a higher level by focusing on the twin techn
ical requirements of “Zero energy loss and Zero pollution operation” while enhancing their already well known extreme valve operational longevity.

FABA Longlife valves are specifically designed for general industrial and process liquid and gas applications, including: steam and condensate; hot and cold water systems; compressed air and other gases including ammonia; hot oil systems; and process products including toxic and thermal fluids.

The new FABA Longlife valve boasts many new features such as a double wall bellows seal for guaranteed longer life; a fine thread spindle producing an even greater closing force that is 100% leak proof; two rings of emergency packing to protect against unforseen failure and to prevent unplanned shutdowns – since the valve will continue to operate until repairs can be scheduled.

Body materials include cast iron, SG iron and carbon steel in straight, inclined and angle patterns. Furthermore the valves can be manufactured as silicon free and has been approved by automobile manufacturers for use in paint shops.

The ARI FABA globe valves come in a size range from DN 15 to DN 400 and available to both DIN and ANSI standards with
flanged, socket or butt weld connections.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Soft seat design Safety Relief Valves supplied by Pressure and Safety Systems

Pressure and Safety Systems are continuing to grow the sales of Mercer Valves in Australia after winning several major contract to supply safety relief valves to the coal seam gas (CSM) and natural gas industries.

The unique design of the Mercer Valves which incorporate Auto Seat Technology® delivers major advantages to industry including bubble tight sealing (even if fluttering has occurred), increased seat life and lower maintenance costs. Mercer Valves is a leading supplier to the coal seam methane gas industry in the US and has now also been enthusiastically adopted in the Australian CSM fields.

Auto Seat Technology® is a non-rising stem design that uses low rated springs to achieve a consistent set pressure. A fully guided disk and spring give the valve accurate set pressure and help with reseating after each pop. The lip seal seat creates a tighter seal up to the set pressure allowing for less leakage than other valve designs.

The Mercer Valve design incorporates a mechanical stop allowing the disk to open to the same point at every blow-off, guaranteeing a consistent flow rate while limiting spring stress. With many natural gas and coal seam methane gas (CSM) operations being located in remote areas these design features provide operational benefits for engineering and better financial returns for management.

Mercer Valves are ideal for applications including: Industrial air, gas or liquid relief on compressors, separators, scrubbers, de-hydrators, free water knockout, thermal relief, gas production units, transmission and gathering lines, meter runs, gas plants, chemical plants and other general industrial applications.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


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Pressure and Safety Systems daily activities including the products we supply, the industries we serve, and expert opinion and advice about Safety Relief Systems in relation to specific applications and mediums.

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