Monday, September 28, 2009

Soft seat design Safety Relief Valves supplied by Pressure and Safety Systems

Pressure and Safety Systems are continuing to grow the sales of Mercer Valves in Australia after winning several major contract to supply safety relief valves to the coal seam gas (CSM) and natural gas industries.

The unique design of the Mercer Valves which incorporate Auto Seat Technology® delivers major advantages to industry including bubble tight sealing (even if fluttering has occurred), increased seat life and lower maintenance costs. Mercer Valves is a leading supplier to the coal seam methane gas industry in the US and has now also been enthusiastically adopted in the Australian CSM fields.

Auto Seat Technology® is a non-rising stem design that uses low rated springs to achieve a consistent set pressure. A fully guided disk and spring give the valve accurate set pressure and help with reseating after each pop. The lip seal seat creates a tighter seal up to the set pressure allowing for less leakage than other valve designs.

The Mercer Valve design incorporates a mechanical stop allowing the disk to open to the same point at every blow-off, guaranteeing a consistent flow rate while limiting spring stress. With many natural gas and coal seam methane gas (CSM) operations being located in remote areas these design features provide operational benefits for engineering and better financial returns for management.

Mercer Valves are ideal for applications including: Industrial air, gas or liquid relief on compressors, separators, scrubbers, de-hydrators, free water knockout, thermal relief, gas production units, transmission and gathering lines, meter runs, gas plants, chemical plants and other general industrial applications.