Monday, January 18, 2010

Safety Relief Valves / Seetru

As mentioned in the first post for the year, to start of 2010, we will go through Pressure and Safety Systems product range, highlighting key info such as relevant applications and mediums for the showcased Safety Relief Valves.

To begin with, we will highlight Seetru safety relief valve range.
Seetru is a UK manufacturer boasting 40 years history of reliability and leadership. Seetru safety relief valves are available in brass or stainless materials and are suited for Compressed Air & Gas, Steam, Cryogenic, Liquid Gas, Refrigeration and Liquids applications.

The Seetru safety relief valves range are available in open or pipe discharge, at 8-80 NB for air, gas and liquids mediums. The valves are available with a wide range of sealing material and technologies as well as a comprehensive range of manual relieving devices to suit application requirements.

If you have any questions or for my more information on the Seetru Safety Relief Valve range, please contact Pressure and Safety Systems.

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